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Why ?

This is the 2nd Pocahontas costume I realized, the first was not great so I wanted to do it again because I really love this character! it allowed me to ask Nuna to make Nakoma, Pocahontas's best friend!


I did not plan on making this costume but a friend ask me to play the role of Pocahontas for a short film as part of his year of study, and as I was not too happy with my first I redid suit for filming in March 2014!


Photographes :

WIP and Details Manufacturing

I remade this costume in 2 days, with suede for the dress and fringes and cold porcelain necklace!

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Why ?

Following the request of the duo, from an Italian friend : Dario , I realized what costume I've always found very nice! my favorite movie in any case!


I wore the suit with Dario interpreting Bert for the comic con contest at japan expo 2012. We won the Jury's Favourite Prize


WIP and Details Manufacturing

The costume consists of a red corset that I realized creating a corset pattern based on my bosses ... which was quite sporty to match the seams with white stripes! 
The dress is made in sailing that I found EMAUS (yes we recycle!) The hat also, I added fine whales inside to make the hoops and white tulle for decoration. 
For the umbrella I buy an umbrella that I repainted and on which I put a strip of gathered fabric to go around ... and it is relatively difficult to sew on an umbrella open -_-